40 Trails Coming In May, June & July

Stoners on self guided vision quests toke strong brands of Cannabis to rescue trapped spirits.

All 40 Bagsgab trails lead through different NYC hells like the Bowery, 5 points, execution locations, slave markets & many forgotten locations where horrific accidents and tragedies happened. The euphoria of the cannabis ecstatic experience helps to nip in the bud any historic infractions the stoners are standing on. Time traveling players use our initiatory trails to transform into three stages - Medicine Stoners, Prophet Dreamers and Shaman Chiefs. The game is won by a Shaman chief who frees the most trapped historic souls on our 40 daily downtown historic trails and pot stop locations.

Vision Questers use Bagsgab's daily flyers and emails to reveal historic locations where poor spirits are imprisoned in the past. Old historic infractions are quelled once medicine stoners start absorbing the NYC history below their feet. Natural snacks are hunted, gathered and then eaten on camera using coupons from participating nearby stores. Combining cannabis and natural snacks frees these imprisoned ancient souls. Tasting natural snacks while possessed exorcises the stoner carriers, releasing the trapped spirit into the next poor soul that gives them bad vibes. Most bad vibes will be squashed from the rejoicing formerly trapped spirits you freed.

They transform into Prophet Dreamers, the custodians of old cultural traditions. Prophet Dreamers use mystical ghost dance movements and our protest signs to rescue elders trapped in NYC hells. Toking rescues the elders and eating natural foods will release them into the next soul who gives you bad vibes. So rejoice instead of being annoyed over nasty onlookers watching your freak flag fly.

Vision Questers, who film reaction shots to the natural products, their ghost dance protests and any bad vibration souls they may have infested earn points using hash tags and QR codes. Share footage of your tastings, dances, protesting and the infected using revealed hash tags on social media to score hash tag points. Cannabis also aids these dancing protesting prophet dreamers to see, respect and communicate with any spirit guides protecting certain sacred sites. After hashing in any coupon and tasting any natural snack, bagsters may return to their future, so lighting up on each historic spot (silent s) is recommended to help you return to the past. Bagsgab also provides protest signs relevant to each historic spot, which helps vision questers return to the past using psychedelic vaudeville.

These 40 history trails start at former famous clubs, restaurants, bars and other historic locations from the 1960's’s to the 1980’s, then they go back to early 1900’s, the 1800’s, the 1700’s, it goes all the way back before the Dutch to 1542. You'll party like beautiful American Natives and fucking Vikings around the mythical silver (mica) city Norumbega (Located around the old Collect Pond). This biblical 40 daze and 40 night bizarre party hopefully will cure my PTSD about being arrested a dozen times for small amounts of pot. It was easy busting hippies, like shooting fish in a barrel, but I still fear those human hunters. If I am arrested for throwing a 3 month pot party pushing natural products from small companies in the heart of Corporate Wall Street then at least I’ll be inside the Tombs jail on the old Collect Pond site.

Light Up NYC, Celebrate 40 daze of Different Scents, Stink Up NYC With The Smell Of Revolution.

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