Not A Flash Mob FOOL, This Is A Hash Mob!!!

As a demo (as in demonstration baby), Bagsgab first bags are passes to hidden NYC pot parties that run for 40 days. This viral marketing gimmick will control a hash mob advertising army armed with hash tags. Bag #1 - promotes the release of my unseen raw footage from eight 1990's Amsterdam Cannabis Cups. Every old weed dealer in the world came to this High Times Amsterdam event every Thanksgiving. It seems safe to finally release them now.

All cannabis fans should come and do what they do, let your freak flags fly. Cannabis in NYC is in a strange transition period so for added protection each participant should choose a historic NYC character to transforms into. Characters win prizes for protesting old NYC historic infractions, tasting natural snacks and winning history games.

Protesting historical events adds a psychedelic vaudeville atmosphere to each Wednesdays & Thursdays multiple pot stops. Hash tagging by hash mobs splashes waves of social media for 4 months. Bagsgab's collectible bags discounts and opens the doors to a camp like shared experience with a unique array of characters. Every Bag Project Launches A Totally Different Informal Social and Cultural Conclave.

Badges We Ain't Got No Badges. We Don't Need No Badges. I Don't Have To Show You Any Stinking Badges

The price for our exclusive X bag versions are fluid, like cryptocurrencies, but decided upon by the purchaser. All exclusive X bag holders are welcome to all Bagsgab events. Some events will have closed VIP sections and special parties for our X baggers.

Bagsgab distributes FREE Inclusive N bags and no priced Exclusive X bags to the public (over 21) from hidden wednesday distribution locations around Manhattan. Bagsgab's bag distribution becomes more upscale each daze. Distribution starts at weekend street fair events, then may pop up at hidden thrift stores, head shops, dispensaries, record stores, comic shops, book stores, toy stores, bars, apparel stores, restaurants and clubs. Each Bagsgab bag also allows a +1 to events for the 4 months off pot parties. Each daily couponed history trail leads to our hidden bag location & Bagsgab's happenings and pot parties.

The inclusive N bags are free, but customers must purchase something from the participating businesses inventory (not our shirts or X bags) to put into their free bag. This circular business model rewards our participating stores. Each wednesday distribution store gives out inclusive N bags, sells a few exclusive X bags and our secret society Hawaiian shirts . Bagsgab has no prices, so purchasers can try to pay for the X bag and team shirts by determining how they value it.

Inclusive N & Exclusive X bags will be distributed to participating head shops, smoke shops and dispensaries around the New York Try State area. Bagsgab trades these bags for promotionally mentioned prizes and paraphernalia for our weekend street fair parties and prizes for our NYC history games. Our NYC history games will involve mixed teams of both inclusive and exclusive baggers, and no historic knowledge is necessary, winners are mostly random (some are based on your character which is not really random). The cherries on top will be from various art & music related parties and benefits during this 4 month blast.

Most exclusive bag pot parties will let N baggers upgrade if they buy magical soaps at the scented no priced bazaars. Each day of Bagsgab's 40 pot parties during the 4 months blast, salutes a different scent and its magical aromatherapeutic properties. Bagsgabs circular model for customer upgrades, also helps participating businesses get rid of old inventory. Party events at bars, generates 10% of the cash bar in free drink tickets to reward some random game winners.

Bagsgab's Bizarre Bazaars Funds Our Daily Pot Parties & Attracts Green Tourism

Bagsgab game plan is simple, we attract green tourists to NYC by organizing a 4 month, 40 daze pot party. Bagsgab takes profits from our weekend street fair pot parties to buy legal weed (from one of the 38 dispensaries that will be open by then) to smoke with the daily masses for 40 daze. Speed rolling contests will bring unity between all secret society Hawaiian dressed members that gather on Wednesday & Thursday nights. Basically, Bagsgab will trade hundreds of N & X bags for cool stuff to sell and then make all those profits disappear in smoke. Bagsgab parties with who ever (over 21) shows up with our bags each Wednesday & Thursday and during our all day weekend street fair pot parties. Bagsgab marries cannabis related companies to different natural product companies, music and art using our version of shotgunning. Social media makes all hash taggers internet graffiti artists.


Bagsters should wear colorful Hawaiian shirts as uniforms of our invading forces taking over the suits territory. Bagsters are free to wear their own shirts to enter secret societies that flock together before pot parties. Teams compete for prizes, free drinks and giveaways at our Wednesday & Thursday events. Different themed Hawaiian shirts are sold at all my weekend street fairs, themed distribution pop ups, and at our opening night pot party.


Advanced stickers, posters and store signage in our bag distributing stores will start rolling this green snowball. Favorite customers of these businesses will get a better chance to grab a bag on the hidden event day. Announcing this 4 month NYC pot party where the bags will start to roll out, will ignite the bag gabbing from their regular customers. Bagsgab tries to be so outrageous and insane that no press will take us seriously, so we safely rely on word of mouth.

Sponsors and vendors are the needed last link in my circular style of business that tries to reward everyone. Bagsgab charges vendor nothing, there is no fees whatsoever to participate. Vendors are encouraged to set up anywhere they can and make themselves try to feel at home. Vendors that are crazy as I am, need to be part of this 40 daze party. Vendors should blend in with the characters, trail pot stops, flocking areas and pot parties and feel the vibe. As the 40 daze party progresses hopefully everyone will feel comfortable to set up where the daze takes us. Vendors/Potential Sponsors should contact me at 917 822-1870, we should party before this event so I can get your people show bags.


Sponsors? A self perpetuating venture really doesn't need sponsors. I'm not good with money anyway. Everyday I tell those phone bank lending telemarketer callers "don't give me money, I'll just spend it on weed for old people". Last minute sponsors could help us secure locations I can book by the day, and help control a section of our nightly weekdaze madness. Bagsgab would gladly use sponsors to throw events and distribute giveaways to fill the bags. Sponsors of restaurant or bar events will receive free drink tickets from 10% of the cash bar, to hand out to their VIP's.


Using designed dematerialization we try to recycle and upcraft our inclusive and exclusive bags. Rewarding owners that trade in their old bags for first access to the next bag helps enhance sustainability. This transformation helps part with the old bags emotional durability, and gives them a chance to profit. Bagsgab artsy approach combines practicality, style and fun with an identification to our groups green happenings. Green has been the color of Liberty since Robin Hood.


Stoners Will Turn Wall Street Back Into New Amsterdam.

Bagsgab wants to boost NYC tourism from thousands of weed enthusists by creating a 40 daze green snowball. This niche friendly grassroots marketing gimmick engages customers to participating NYC businesses. Affiliated businesses bring in new customers and streamline overstocked, dead and regular inventories. All vendors are welcome to find a space around any of our daily events. Bagsgab helps street fair vendors get off the streets by expanding into real stores. Our corporate food protest puts natural snacks, foods and products into NYC businesses for 4 months for no cost.

The future is collaborative, Bagsgab combines the right people, businesses, vendors & sponsors with circular collaborative events and discounts. Bagsgab replaces unease, uncertainty, anxiety and imprisonment with peace flowers, happiness and liberty. Customer acquisition can be free for everyone if you build a fun mousetrap that really stands out.

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