A 4 Month NYC Pot Party

Taking Back New Amsterdam

Smoke Yourself Thru NYC History May - August 2023

Offline Game Promoting Green NYC Tourism

During 40 nonconsecutive daze in 4 months, toking tourists learn NYC history playing games with events, characters, history trails and pot parties.

Each potential bag holder (over 21 only) should pre register to reserve a character from NYC's past to play for 40 daze. Follow my social media on Instagram (caretoker) to track down each days bag distribution location. These hash tag directions also lead to hundreds of pot parties at on the fly (market) historic locations. The times and crewe flocking areas are also hash tagged. Our main flocking areas will be organized by 2 Hawaiian shirt themes, Leaves and Flowers. Every Wednesday, flocking areas around nearby pot parties, characters play games for free drinks, snacks and paraphernalia.

Speaking of characters, the most wicked scoundrels and rough & tough criminals from the past will only be available from bags traded to smoke shops & dispensaries for goods for our events. Most historic characters available to reserve in advance were great people that should easily win nightly prizes, when up against most of these notorious anti-heroes. To earn the most points let your stoner friends (over 21) use your bag and character when you can't attend.

Vision Quest

Ancient spirits are trapped in various "Hells on Earth" in NYC, Time traveling stoners must free them. Players use cannabis to travel back to historic locations from NYC past to rescue trapped elder spirits to score points. Every Wednesday, stoners travel in Hash Mob groups down history trails (mostly downtown) to play games and to attend on the fly (market) otherworld pot parties. On weekends the history trails lead to sweet smelling street fair locations all over NYC where gathered goods are sold to pay for our pot parties. Bagsgab's (mostly downtown) otherworld is created and celebrated all over Manhattan, from the pedestrian only areas of the Stone street historic district to the caves up in Inwood where ancient natives camped the winters away.

Make Body & Soul Whole

Trying to put goodies from the winners of the Oaks PA Canna Fest canna chef competition into NYC's legal dispensaries for my NYC pot party. Natural snacks & products from small natural companies will be embedded on historic NYC trails into businesses around lower Manhattan as part of a protest against corporate foods. Bagsters use coupons on the back of our Wednesday flyers to find the locations when walking our initiatory trails.

Bags Shared To Help You Record Reactions Shots

All Bagsgab bags are for two, so bring a buddy (over 21) and your bud (we will have lots of rolling papers and smoking toys from our bazaars and new product showcases). Bring the oldest, most handicapped person you want to smoke with, remember I'm a Caretoker. Win challenges, prizes, even become a spokesperson for small natural brands or edible companies. Simply record your reaction shots as you try the natural snacks & infused products. Coupons on our Wednesday green history trail flyers discount most natural snacks & edibles placed in businesses. QR codes on our we flyers also send your reaction shot footage to our participating natural & infused product companies.

Bagsgab Encourages Wellness and Natural Substances

Mother Nature herself aids our sprit guides to highlight the sustainable/natural products we promote. More to come.

Show Us Your Weed!

NOTE - You SHOULD have registered a character before picking up your bag and Hello My Name Is Sticker in May. You MUST bring and show cannabis to qualify for all bags. Bagsgab bags are distributed for a few hours each day to stoners (that show us their weed) at a different hidden business on our Wednesday NYC history trails.

Bagsgab Turns It Up To 11, Using Psychedelic Vaudeville

Self inflicted drugs and eat me's at various psychedelic vaudeville woke protests, lead vision questers to Wednesday night parties mostly in old Dutch New Amsterdam. Bagsgab secret societies are divided mostly by the various themes of Hawaiian shirts worn nightly. Bagsters are free to wear their own Hawaiian shirts, or anything colorful that makes them smile the most. After Wednesday treasure hunts to rescue trapped elder spirits, teams gather at various downtown flocking hubs. Teams engage in bud fashion shows, play history games for prizes and free drinks before the pot party location is announced.

Events May Include

Prerolled Treasure Hunts

Bus Tours To Pot Conventions

Nightly Weekdaze Pot Parties

Hawaiian Shirt Preview Bazaar

A Psychedelic Solution Art Party

A WMMR vs WNEW Vinyl Spinnoff

Another Legendary Ruth Collins Bash

David Peel and Yippee Spirited Smoke In

Honorable Mayor Eric Adams Smoke Out

Caretoking Parties For Elders In Facilities

Derived Creations Incredible Edibles Salute

28 Weekday Scented Bazaars & Pot Parties

Themed Smokeouts On Historic Ropewalks

Naughty Night Toking With Smokin Robin Byrd

Call To Arms Events To Protest Corporate Foods

Syd and Simes Variety Dewars Scotch Whisky Party

Syd's Pink Party Honoring Photographer Mick Rock

A Leaf Blower Shotgun Wedding Between Industries

Charlotte & Frank's 58th Avant Garde Festival Tribute

Weekend Street Fair Bazaars With All Day Pot Parties

Six John Kelly Thursday Night Chelsea Art Party Tours

Graffiti Branding Venture Uniting Street Art + Cannabis

A Smoking Pied Piper 5 Points Parade/Chinatown Feast

Musical Benefit For Electric Mary from Electric Lady Studios

Reyn Spooner Hawaiian Shirt VIP Pot Party (Spooner Shirt required)

A Picture Book Preview Party For Bagsgab #2 - Celebrating

An OZ Party, Not Emerald City, But The Ounce You'll Need To Party For 40 Daze.

More On The Fly NYC Events Will Be Listed Here When Somewhat Confirmed

Depeche Mode Signed Yamaha Synthesizer For Benefit For Electric Mary

Bagsgab Collects Reaction Shots and Plugs For Participating Companies

This is truly where brands and influencers party together. Passing a business card will be easy as passing a joint, making weed connections in public was never so obvious. But No Business Can Do A 40 Daze Show, so Bagsgab constantly creates content, social media blasts and brand exposure for our participating companies.

Not Like Your Parents Idea of Conventional Conventioning

Bagsgab tries to effect people positively, unifying people (thru group therapy and products) to heal this planet until it's perfect. Bagsters become part of a movement to fix this world and live more indigenous lifestyles. Relating to small natural businesses and supporting the underdog (unless distracted by sweet Polly) unites our hash mob against corporate foods.

Surely a Different Cannabis Event Than You've Ever Attended

To calm down from the harsh realities of the historic grounds you'll be treading and protesting on, you should be stoned. This pot camp for cannasaurs will be a fleeting Hawaiian clad community to be reckoned with by the passing corporate suits of Wall Street. Freeing trapped spirits with Eat Me's and smoking fattys will help you laugh and enjoy their evil looks. For forty daze and 40 lites biblical hordes of colorfully attired stoners will smoke up their sacred grounds. Remember to record each evil look for points as you release ancent trapped spirits into the souls of todays downer frowners

Game Plan

Bag #1 will be a shaman game used by time traveling stoners to protest corporate foods using natural products, edibles and cannabis.

Bag #2 helps kids develop good traits & virtues using characters from 1,500 picture books.

Bagsgab is an innovative start up company that can be used to promote any new product to the NYC masses.

Bag #1 starts my 6th year caretoking with the elderly, my 7th year with NO NYC prices, and celebrates the safe release of 8 years of Amsterdam Cannabis Cup footage provided to Steve Hager from High Times.

Potential sponsors can click HERE for options

Ms. Benji Franklin said toking outside the Philly Natural Show, “Harnessing the power/energy of natural products and natures flower will be the key on our high kites”.

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